Tablets at school?Leading way to disaster?

Hello ,my name is Jimmy I’m fourteen years old high school student and I would like to express my views on this matter.First of all ,both have advantages and disadvantages .But personally I believe that books will always do the trick.And why is that?It is easy.And there are two main reasons.Because of enviromental issues and learning experience.You probably think I am crazy but please listen to me and then you can be able to say anything you want.

Now imagine a whole school with eight classes let’s say and each one class has twenty students so twenty tablets or computers.That ‘s equally one hungred sixty tablets or computers.Now you think this is good because they will have those tablets or computers forever in compare with books which they change every year…but have you thought about electricity and maybe accidents during the school year?Let’s say this school works for six hours five times a week…That’s equally with 5.920 V per week from a small school.So 976.800 V per year from a small school from the tablets.Imagine it with computers and all over the world.What’s the result?Many factories which will increase the pollution and the radiation of the earth and I guess you know what goes next. And this why I prefer books because from the begining of the humanity we had no problem with them.If you you still disagree wait for the second reason .

Secondly the learning experience.Many people agree with the idea of electronic learning ,because they think it is cool and think it is a better way of exeriancing but it isn’t.Most of us look it as a way to have fun so they don’t care about the lesson and also tablets and computers are health hazardous.I did the math and I found that it is 41 days with the tablets or computers per year.I think you know what I mean ha?In addition what about hackers?Or accidents?Or earthquakes?……

Look there are many things I want to say but I don’t have time to explain….Tell me if you want me to continue this issue thing….See ya and like pls!Bb


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