Convenient USB gadgets that will change your life #1

First of all awesome gadgets come out to the market and and are hard to find on stores.In the following text I’ve linked the following USB gadgets that are awesome and I hope you enjoy and like them…


First we have a USB powered cooIing fan with a working clock functionality.

It’s very cool in the very idea that it is a cooling fan and a clock too.Also don’t worry about the blades because they are soft and the motor is quiet.Last but not least there’s of course a switching button   on the motor of the fan.

Buy it:


Second we have a USB led light for your computer or any USB portable device.

Let’s say it’s dark because you are out of electricity and you have your laptop and this USB light .You easily plug it in your laptop and find your way to your bedroom…Sayin’

And of course it comes in variety of colors and the stick is flexible for any occasion which can occured.

Buy it:


Micro and normal USB for smartphones and PCs

This one of my favorite …Because we all have faced the same problem of having a phone and not a PC and let’s say you need to do a project or transfer images and videos easily without connecting USB cables and that kinda stuff.At first I didn’t recoghnize the USB port and I bet you wouldn’t if you had seen it in the first photo in the e bay page.

Buy it:

Thank you for reading the article and I hope you buy some of these gadgets and tell me if you want me to do another suggestion….

See ya!


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