No room in…hell 

Just like an ordinary teenager I play video games ,when I have free time of course.But the problem is that you can’t find easily, free awesome games 3d or 2d…and it’s tooo hard even if you try to google it.

But at the moment I know games which are awesome ,in my opinion and I wanted to share the them with you readers.So i’ve decided to write you about suggested games a PC gamer should play.Also I’m not the only one who suggests them and if you want to know ,just google it.​


The following game isn’t the best one to start off but if you wanna pay attention to the people you gotta suggest a zombie 3d survival game ….No Room In Hell.

Ok don’t get me wrong .But this game is very cool creepy and awesome.It’s an MMO so you can play with other players and create your own server to play with your friends.If you don’t have friends try to complete the maps of the gam​e alone or join servers.

The game:

You select your character voice, a character  and select a map to complete.There are many cool maps but my favourite is the “Brooklyn”one which I suggest the most .Now different maps different story so I’ll explain to you the game according to the “Brooklyn” map.

You start as a man or woman in a jail and the zombie apokalypse have already begun.I dont want to spoil the map so after that part you collect items and guns  and kill zombies.Of course don’t die and don’t waste ammo and medicine when nessecary bacause you’ll need them.​You need to follow the instructions of the game carefully if you want to complete the map.It may seem a little bit boring but it isn’t ,it is fun.Also a new version of the game will come out soon { No room in hell 2}Hope you liked the game and play it and have fun…

Bye bye and see ya in another suggestion page…


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